Egypt Tourist Visa Application for Filipinos (2019)

Ever since I found out that I was born in Egypt, it has been my lifelong dream to go back and get to know the country. Forward to 25 years after, I am finally closer to that dream!

I looked everywhere to research for this trip, and sadly, there is only a handful of Egypt experiences by Filipinos online. (I usually refer to Julio’s blog in planning this trip.) Because of this, I am documenting my own experience so that travelers after me can have more resources to rely on.

In this post, I’ll walk you through how I applied for our tourist visas (Yes, I am not exempted, unfortunately. 😂).


2. Two (2) pieces 2×2″ recent colored ID picture, white background

3. Original Passport (must be valid for more than six months)

4. Bank Certificate / Bank Statement

5. Employment Certificate with compensation / Business Registration
Since my parents are retirees and not running a business, I called the Embassy to ask what we should submit as a substitute for the Employment Certificate / Business Registration. They said none.

6. Travel Tour Itinerary / Tour Program
For the itinerary, I referred to the template used for Japan visa applications. I just listed the location and planned activities per day.

7. Letter of Intent (letter must be addressed to the Embassy and duly signed)
I’d rather not share my letter since it’s too cheesy to be published. Lol. Anyway, I mentioned that my family used to live there. I even indicated our old flat’s address and the name of the hospital I was born in. I also talked about what we plan to do during the trip.

For the letter, you should address it to:

Egyptian Embassy — Manila
7th floor G.C. Corporate Plaza
150 Legaspi St., Legaspi Village
Makati City, Philippines

8. Visa Fee: Php 1,500 (Cash basis only)

Additional Requirements:

9. Marriage Certificate / Birth Certificate, if traveling with family members.
I submitted the original PSA certificates that I ordered a long time ago. So it doesn’t have to be new ones—unlike with Japan visa application. Also, this will be returned to you after the application.

10. Copy of Hotel Reservations (optional but recommended)
The Embassy does not require you to book your flights or accommodations prior to the visa application. However, they will ask for copies of hotel reservations if you have them, so best to have these prepared. Airbnb reservations work, too. If you don’t want to risk paying a hotel booking before the visa approval, you can opt to book via websites with “Free Cancellation” such as

11. Authorization Letter (if applicable)
You are required to submit your application to the Embassy personally. However, since we are traveling as a family, I was allowed to submit my parents’ applications since I have an authorization letter.


Filing of Requirements:
Monday — Wednesday from 9am-12nn except holidays.
Passport Releasing:
Thursday & Friday from 9am-12nn except holidays.


  1. Upon entering the building, get a visitor pass from the guard. Backpacks are not allowed, so best not to bring one. You will be asked to leave this with the guard.
  2. Before entering the Embassy, you are required to turn off your mobile phone. Inside, you will need to write your name on the logbook. Then, you will be directed to the waiting area.
  3. Wait until the staff asks for the requirements. They will leave again to check your submission.
    At this point, they can ask you to wait for a call and come back another time to submit the passports and pay the visa fee. In my case, I did not need to.
  4. Submit your passport and pay for the tourist visa fee, which is Php 1,500 each, cash basis only.
  5. You will get a release slip indicating the date when you can claim your passports. This will only fall on a Thursday or Friday.

During this time, the Embassy may call you to submit additional requirements. Since I didn’t submit hotel reservations yet, I emailed a copy of those and was also asked to bring printed copies when I claim my passport.

I submitted my requirements last December 10, 2019, and was asked to go back by December 13, 10 am-12nn, to claim our passports. However, since I am not available during that time, and the releasing is done on Thursdays and Fridays, I could only claim it by December 19.

If you have any questions, you may call the Embassy directly at 8843–9220 (recommended!) during weekdays 9 am-3 pm or email them at Good luck!

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  1. Being able to know where you have come from and learning your roots is a great way of showing your respects to your origin. It’s also an exciting adventure for you to take part. A once in a lifetime journey.

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