Egypt Tourist Visa Application for Filipinos (2019)

Ever since I found out that I was born in Egypt, it has been my lifelong dream to go back and get to know the country. Forward to 25 years after, I am finally closer to that dream!

I looked everywhere to research for this trip, and sadly, there is only a handful of Egypt experiences by Filipinos online. (I usually refer to Julio’s blog in planning this trip.) Because of this, I am documenting my own experience so that travelers after me can have more resources to rely on.

In this post, I’ll walk you through how I applied for our tourist visas (Yes, I am not exempted, unfortunately. 😂).


2. Two (2) pieces 2×2″ recent colored ID picture, white background

3. Original Passport (must be valid for more than six months)

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Ang Aking #Kwentubig (My Water Story)

I have been asked many times how I got into data science considering my previous field of expertise in the water industry. I was a regulatory and compliance officer. Based on the job description, I should have been dealing with mostly words—from laws, regulations, filing of permits and petitions, hearing transcripts, and other documentation. But as an engineer, a job title just couldn’t stop me from working with numbers.

Last September 26, 2019, I spoke in the first-ever Kwentubig, a storytelling event about water and the environment. The event was organized by the Philippine Young Water Professionals (PYWP) and 2030 Youth Force in the Philippines.

That night, I told the story of how the water industry led me to data science.

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